Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Hi! My name is Terrence Chaw,currently working in Singapore. I will be pursuing a challenge never thought achievable in my dream ie. to build my own experimental aircraft this coming October, 2006.

More on the is called " Sportsman 2+2" kitplane designed by world famous Glasair company in Washington.Ordered a standard kit set in December , 2005 just before the kit price was increased. Been researching about the best suitable plane for me and my lovely wife Connie and possibly my family member in the future. Well, my effort was fruitful as Sportsman 2+2 was recently voted the best sports plane year 2005!!

Basically, Sportsman 2+2 is derived from its older "sibling" called Glastar. They look like C172 but with foldable wing . Being an experimental aircraft ie. non certified, Sportsman 2+2 has a higher payload than Glastar. It boosts an amazing 1000lbs of payload incl. 300lbs of baggage allowance at the rear seat. Also, owner of Sportsman has the choice of trike, taildragger(tailwheel) or float option all these interhangeable in 1hr to a day conversion with time in between to fly.Featuring STOL as well, it can be powered by 180 to 210 hp powerplant with a cruise of up to 150knots. So, pls check my website for any updates in my quest to be the first Malaysian to build a Sportsman 2+2 kitplane. If you want more info,kindly click on the following website Another website of interest created recently in Sept 2015 is called latest news from all around the world including tips in buying the best cheap budget airfare.

Just an update since my last posting...Yup, my kitplane will be shipped to Malaysia via Port Klang with an estimated arrival on 14 Sept 2006 . Have been reviewing the detailed manual in preparation of starting my new project. If all goes well, the crate containing my kitplane should arrive at my doorstep in Taman Desa ,latest by 19 Sept.

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